Navid Jadidoleslam

I am a Data Scientist at Bayer Cropscience. I develop models and data science tools for implementing in the pipeline. Formerly, I was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering in Georgia Institute of Technology. I hold a PhD in Water Resources Engineering from the Civil and Environmental Engineering department of the University of Iowa. My research mainly focused on analyzing soil moisture dynamics and its variability in space and time using multiple data sources from various satellite platforms, including developing hydrologic models and predictions to improve flood and drought forecasting.
During my PhD studies, I focused on real-time flood forecasting and implemented new techniques for assimilating satellite remote sensing data into hydrologic models. I also developed web applications and tools to help hydrologists visualize and analyze spatio-temporal data like streamflow and soil moisture. In my Master's studies, I worked on ocean wave energy resource assessments using hydrodynamic modeling to calculate currents and sediment transport in estuaries and canals.