Navid Jadidoleslam

Summary of Qualifications

Throughout my career in academia and industry, I have honed my abilities to efficiently deliver innovative solutions in scientific and engineering fields, particularly in the field of geospatial data science. I have a strong background in big data and large spatial data analysis and am proficient with tools for geospatial data analysis and visualizations.

Work Experience

Geospatial Data Scientist

Aug 2022 -- Present
Bayer Crop Science, Breeding

  • Developed and deployed software for computing vegetation indices from multispectral satellites (PlanetScope, Sentinel 2)
  • Conducted assessment of satellite-based planetary variables with in-field sensor observations
  • Developed high-resolution physics-based hydrologic model for soil moisture and overland flow
  • Collaborated in multiple projects such as data processing of satellite-based data for yield simulations

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Aug 2021 -- Jul 2022
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

  • Applied models and Bayesian methods for estimating irrigation from GPM and SMAP missions
  • Ensemble-based conditional soil moisture predictions globally using Earth Observation (EO) satellites
  • Co-authored a successful NASA grant for global investigation of conditional soil moisture distributions

Graduate Research Assistant

Aug 2016 -- May 2021
The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

  • Developed models for data assimilation of satellite observations in operational flood forecasting system
  • Conducted extensive research on the variability of soil moisture in space using field sensors and satellite data
  • Developed and implemented an open-source, web-browser based software for interactive visualization of space-time data.

Graduate Research Assistant

Sep 2012 -- Jun 2014
Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Conducted numerical simulation of long-term ocean wave energy of Aegean Sea
  • Evaluated and fine-tuned model simulations by analyzing buoy and satellite altimetry data
  • Analyzed space-time characteristics of wave power


PhD Civil & Environmental Engineering The University of Iowa Aug 2016 - May 2021
MSc Civil Engineering Istanbul Technical University Sep 2012 - Jun 2014
BSc Civil Engineering University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran Sep 2007 - Jul 2012

Computer Skills

  • Programming Languages and Tools
    Python, C++ (STL), SQL, PostGIS, GDAL, rasterio, numpy, pandas, geopandas, h5py, xarray, Dask

  • Deep Learning and Image Processing
    Tensorflow, Keras, OpenCV (C++/Py)

  • Environments and Utils
    GCP, EarthEngine (JS/Py), BigQuery, Docker,Git, SVN, MkDocs, QGIS


Publications and Conferences

Honors and Awards

  • Research Grant from Graduate Student Supplemental Research Competition - Iowa Water Center
  • Graduate College Post-Comprehensive Research Fellowship for the Fall 2020
  • Outstanding Reviewer - Renewable Energy Journal (Awarded in July 2017)
  • CUAHSI Conference Travel Grant


  • Remote Sensing, Reviewer, 2021 - Present
  • Soil and Tillage Research, Reviewer, 2021 -- Present
  • Renewable Energy Journal, Reviewer, 2017 -- Present

Society Memberships

  • American Geophysical Union
  • IEEE
  • SIAM


English Azerbayjani Farsi/Persian Turkish
Fluent Native Native Native


Painting (Oil), Photography, Guitar and Melodion, Digital Music Composition, Singing